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Before and After: The Describe PFD Patch

describe pfd patch before and after

A few months ago, we decided to test a prescription product called the Describe PFD Patch. Designed specifically to aid in laser tattoo removal, this patch is said to cut treatment time significantly. The silicone absorbs heat, reducing thermal transfer to the skin. The PFD liquid eliminates the “frosting” that occurs during treatment. Together, it produces a safe environment for multiple laser tattoo treatments in one sitting.

In situations like these, nothing beats a real world test!

So, wow! The results were quite amazing. You can see from the after photo that this “black” tattoo has blue ink as it’s base. All black ink has a base of red, blue or green. (Depends on the manufacturer) The Describe PFD patch truly allows for three full treatments as long as the patch stays clear. Here’s the interesting part about that. Sometimes, on the third pass, we actually has ink blowout. It would splatter onto the patch. The exciting thing about that is there is now less ink for your body to clear. As Kelly went about her business, friends (and strangers) would stop her and ask about her tattoo removal. Every single person who saw it could clearly point out which side was lighter.

Is this the right solution for you? Maybe, maybe not. The patch is $100 in addition to the treatments (there is no generic). So it speeds up treatment time, but also gives you an added expense. At the end of the day, we are simply happy to have another option for our clients. You will now find Describe PFD patches in-stock and available at Vanish Inc. Remember, we will provide you with all of your options during your free consultation and YOU can decide what works best for you.

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