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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Ink – Consistently Inconsistent

tattoo ink

Consistently inconsistent……. What the??? So, the FDA does regulate cosmetic ink and color additives, and tattoo inks fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA as well. This is great right…… but what’s interesting is that the FDA has never approved a tattoo pigment for injection. The contents of tattoo inks are closely guarded trade secrets,…

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3 Reasons For Tattoo Removal

hornets tattoo removal

YOU PROBABLY NEVER CONSIDERED The only consistent thing in life is………..change. Sounds like an oxymoron, I know! But as things change people are seeking out Laser Tattoo removal more than ever before. WHY? Well bands break up, marriages end, and the cool Chinese symbol that you thought meant “faith” means “car garage”. Plus, untrained tattoo…

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What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Really Feel Like?

laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is……. well its uncomfortable. Its like a hot snap on the skin when you have a sunburn. It hurts. But also…BEARABLE. One advantage of laser tattoo removal is that it only takes seconds for the treatment itself. If we are removing a larger tattoo, we do it in small sections. Between each…

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Tattoo Filler Bombshells

Tattoo Filler

Tattoo Artists Add Fillers All tattoos are custom in some way, shape, or form. After all, our personal masterpiece is going to be on display and become a part of who we are. With enough planning, you can find an artist who has the style, skill, and location that fits your needs. Reviewing your portfolio…

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Does The Describe PFD Patch Work?

Describe PFD Patch

Describe PFD Patch Test We are testing the Describe PFD Patch on our very own, Kelly Uhland, here at Vanish Inc. This split test places the patch over exactly half of the tattoo, leaving the other half exposed. One laser treatment will be performed on the non-patch side. Three passes of the q-switch laser are…

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Tattoo Removal – Top 5 Reasons People Are Zapping the Ink

tattoo removal

1.     Location, Location, Location What seemed daring and sexy a few years ago, may become an obstacle when trying to gain career momentum. Though tattoos have widely become more socially acceptable, visible tattoos can still be viewed as a negative when interviewing for certain positions. As quoted by one HR professional, “We don’t mind them…

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