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Fading for a Coverup Tattoo

coverup tattoo removal

It’s funny how many people are surprised when I tell them we work with local tattoo artists. Not surprisingly, a lot of the work they do is actually covering up old tattoos. Tastes change, people change, and tattoos change along with them. The difficulty in getting a good coverup tattoo is, you guessed it, the…

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Before and After: The Describe PFD Patch

describe pfd patch before and after

A few months ago, we decided to test a prescription product called the Describe PFD Patch. Designed specifically to aid in laser tattoo removal, this patch is said to cut treatment time significantly. The silicone absorbs heat, reducing thermal transfer to the skin. The PFD liquid eliminates the “frosting” that occurs during treatment. Together, it…

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7 Ways to Speed Up Laser Tattoo Removal

speed up laser tattoo removal

Knowing how to speed up your laser tattoo removal comes from understanding how the process works. It isn’t the laser that removes the ink. The laser simply breaks the ink into tiny particles and your immune system takes care of the rest. So, the real questions is…how can I help my body get rid of…

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Tattoo Removal Cost – Why Size Matters

There are so many options out there for obtaining laser tattoo removal cost. Let’s talk a little more about why our treatment pricing is based on size. We know that some laser tattoo professionals offer services for a flat rate, while others leave you in the dark about how much laser tattoo removal costs. Let’s…

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