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Does The Describe PFD Patch Work?

Describe PFD Patch Test

We are testing the Describe PFD Patch on our very own, Kelly Uhland, here at Vanish Inc. This split test places the patch over exactly half of the tattoo, leaving the other half exposed. One laser treatment will be performed on the non-patch side. Three passes of the q-switch laser are to be made on the Describe PFD Patch side. We are doing this again in 7 weeks, once the area is completely healed from the laser tattoo removal treatment.

The patch isn’t cheap. The manufacturer, Mertz Aesthetics, claims you can do three treatments in one session. This could result in 5.5 months worth of treatments in only 7 weeks. I must say, it was way too good of an option to pass up. Many of our clients look for ways to speed up their laser tattoo removal treatments. Is it a solution? Stay tuned to find out! In the meantime, watch our Describe PFD Patch test video.

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