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Fading for a Coverup Tattoo

coverup tattoo removalIt’s funny how many people are surprised when I tell them we work with local tattoo artists. Not surprisingly, a lot of the work they do is actually covering up old tattoos. Tastes change, people change, and tattoos change along with them. The difficulty in getting a good coverup tattoo is, you guessed it, the original tattoo. There is only one way to go – darker!

Here’s how the ink works. Picture a flashlight. Now put a blue filter on it. Voila, the light turns blue. What would happen if you put a red filter over the blue? The result is very similar to placing tattoo ink colors over existing ones. After about 6 months, and the color settles, it may not be what you were expecting. Things get even more complicated because your skin tone acts like a filter, changing the way the ink appears (once it’s settled).

When Vanish Inc first opened, we met with all of the local tattoo shops, making sure they had a direct line of contact. Artists want their work to look its best. There is a lot of skill involved in drawing and tattooing coverup work. It has to either incorporate, or cover, the existing ink. Wow! That’s a challenge!

Artists in Williamsport, Lewisburg, and Lock Haven have been extremely welcoming, and maybe a little relieved, knowing they can utilize our skills in lightening tattoos before tattooing coverup pieces. It doesn’t have to be the whole tattoo. In fact, that’s the beauty of it! You can pay to lighten only what needs to be. It only takes a couple of treatments, and you’re ready for any coverup tattoo you want!
The other option is tattoo restoration. Let’s face it. Old tattoos don’t look like new ones. The color bleeds and the lines become less defined. Often, a single laser treatment removes this ink blowout. After that, your artist can touch it up very quickly and easily.

Please don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation, and involve your tattoo artist. We welcome their direction and enjoy helping clients get ready for new ink!

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