Hair Restoration for Men

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Causes of Hair Loss in Men

There are a number of reasons why men lose their hair. Of course, the most common being genetics. It really can happen at any age, and at any time. Additionally, some experience hair loss caused by poor health, hormonal changes or medications.  Despite the latter being temporary, it can lead to stress – which only makes it worse. No matter the reason, it is safe to say there are few men who are happy about their hair loss. Fortunately, there is something you can do to regrow your hair

What Can Men Do About Hair Loss?

There are several options available for hair loss in men. Many men choose to go bald gracefully. They accept that they have thinning hair. There is nothing wrong with a bald man; in fact, it can be quite attractive.

Other products, like minoxidil, may reduce shedding. Common brands are Rogaine, Keeps, and Him’s. If scalp irritation occurs, it is recommended to cut back to a once a day application, or discontinue.

Topical products can be helpful, however there is a faster way to stimulate hair growth with laser hair restoration treatments


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What Is Laser Hair Restoration?

Many men choose to have laser hair restoration treatment to treat their thinning hair. KeraLase is one of the best laser hair restoration treatments on the market, one that is proven to work.

Step 1: Lasering

By utilizing a state-of-the-art Lutronic LaseMD, the skin is roughed up and prepared for product application. As a result, the skin is up to 7 times more absorbant. Despite this being a laser treatment, only a mild heat sensation is experienced during this process.

Step 2: Product Application

Foundationally, not all hair growth products are created the same. KeraFactor is a trusted provider of high quality growth factor products, clinically proven. Specifically, the prescription serum is created for this treatment process. Your technician will apply KeraFactor to your scalp and thoroughly massage into your skin.

Step 3: Maintenance

Despite the benefit of laser hair treatments, home maintenance is neccessary to achieve the most hair growth possible. Therefore, proven, affordable, shampoo and serum growth products are available in our Williamsport office.

Vitamins Help With Hair Loss

Until recently, a balanced diet was the top recomendation for ensuring your body receives the vitamins it needs to improve thinning hair in men. Naturally, vitamin supplements have become very popular for boosting healthy hair and skin cells. Biotin is one of the foremost hair vitamin supplements. It is typically taken orally everyday, or weekly as an IM injection for thinning hair.

Technology Provides Hair Restoration, Without Pain

Over the last few years, technology has advanced significantly, improving our understanding of why hair loss occurs, and how it can be successfully treated. Laser hair restoration treatments provide the opportunity to utilize specially formulated growth factors. The laser makes it possible for these hair growth factors to penetrate the scalp without injections. Laser hair restoration treatments are different to both implants and micro needling, in that they work (provided they are done by the professionals), they are non-invasive, they are not painful, and they are long lasting. At the end of a laser hair restoration treatment, hair will be stronger, thicker, healthier, and fuller.

Hair laser treatments with KeraLase are custom designed by Vanish Inc. Your hair will be assessed, and a course of treatments designed for your specific hair loss will be developed. Most treatments are completed in four months, six sessions total. Furthermore, each session is short, painless, and has no downtime.

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It is our belief that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look. Vanish, Inc. offers affordable, safe, and effective treatments for people of all ages and backgrounds using industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies. The past is not your future. Meet the professionals at Vanish, Inc. in Williamsport Pa. Serving clients in Central Pennsylvania and Corning, New York.

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