Men’s Hair Restoration in Williamsport, PA

There are a number of reasons why men lose their hair. It can be genetic, and it can happen at any age, and at any time. It can be due to a poor diet, ill health, hormonal changes or just unlucky. Here at Vanish inc, we are here to help

Hair Loss in Men

There are a number of reasons why men lose their hair. It can be genetic, and it can happen at any age, and at any time. It can be due to a poor diet, ill health, hormonal changes or just plain unlucky.  Whatever the reasons, there are few men who are happy about their hair loss. Thinning Hair is also a natural sign of ageing and as men age, they lose their hair. It can be as simple as that, but also, as terrible as that.

What Can Men Do About Hair Loss?

There are several options available for hair loss in men. Many men choose to go bald gracefully. They accept that they have thinning hair and they allow themselves to go bald. There is nothing wrong with a bald man; in fact, it can be quite attractive.

The difficulty is often getting through that stage while the hair is thinning; most men dread this period of time which could last years. Some simply put up with it; thinning hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Some wear hats or beanies, purchase hair pieces, or may comb their hair from one side to the other. This is called a combover and we suggest you do not ever do it! Combovers are a thing from the past and are not attractive, even if you are ninety years old with just a few strands of hair left!

What Are Hair Restoration Treatments?

Many men choose to have a hair restoration treatment to treat their baldness. There are a variety of treatments available on the market for men with male pattern baldness. Shampoos have always been available (some work in the short term, some do not work at all), implants have been available for decades (these do work but are painful and expensive) and more recently, there is micro needling (we are not convinced) and most definitely, laser hair restoration treatments. KeraLase is one of the best laser hair restoration treatments on the market, one that is proven to work.

Hair Loss Shampoo Or Vitamins?

There have been shampoos on the market for decades, designed especially for men and their thinning hair. Unfortunately, it is clear that in more drastic hair loss in men, a specialty shampoo is not enough. Hair implants used to be the way to go, but hair implants are extremely costly, are an invasive surgical treatment, and are not always assured to work. They are also painful, so most people seek alternatives.

Technology Today Allows Hair Restoration, Without Pain

Over the last few years, technology has advanced significantly, improving our understanding of why hair loss occurs, and how it can be successfully treated. Laser hair restoration treatments provide the opportunity to utilize specially formulated growth factors. The laser makes it possible for these hair growth factors to penetrate the scalp without injections. Laser hair restoration treatments are different to both implants and micro needling, in that they work (provided they are done by the professionals), they are non-invasive, they are not painful, and they are long lasting. At the end of a laser hair restoration treatment, hair will be stronger, thicker, healthier, and fuller.

Hair laser treatments with KeraLase are custom designed by Vanish Inc. Your hair will be assessed, and a course of treatments designed for your specific hair loss will be developed. Most treatments are done over three months, six sessions only, and each session is short, painless, and has no downtime.

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It is our belief that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look. Vanish, Inc. offers affordable, safe, and effective treatments for people of all ages and backgrounds using industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies. The past is not your future. Meet the professionals at Vanish, Inc. in Williamsport Pa. Serving clients in Central Pennsylvania and Corning, New York.

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