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Laser Skin Treatments

Our skin's needs are constantly changing. We can spend our entire lives trying to find the perfect combination of skin care products and regiments.

Many common skin concerns develop below the surface of the skin, and need to be treated deeper than skin creams can penetrate. The best course of action is work from the inside out.

Our unique laser technology delivers energy deeper into the dermis where these problems originate.

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laser skin treatments in williamsport

You Are Not Alone. These Skin Problems Are Common and We Can Help

acne laser treatments

1. Active Acne Treatments

Acne is among the most common skin diseases seen in people, especially during adolescence. It can take many different forms including blackheads or whiteheads, pimples and pustules, or scaly red areas, all varying in size, shape, number and concentration.

Although hormones are often somewhat responsible, as with adolescents, levels of stress and certain bacteria as well as the consumption of certain foods also may play a role.

The Spectra laser is able to destroy acne bacteria with patented technology. 2-5 treatments are needed to effectively reduce the amount of bacteria and oils in the skin to a manageable level. This reduces or eliminates the need for harsh chemical and oral medications.

Save for teens and adolescents.

acne scarring laser treatments

2. Acne Scarring Laser Treatments

Scarring from acne can occur from both bacteria, as well as digging. The scars may be darker in color and result in an uneven skin surface.

The Spectra laser effectively destroys bacteria, while stimulating the skin to produce collagen which aids in rebuilding. The cumulative effect of our laser treatment sessions smooths the surface of the skin AND prevents future breatkouts.

Safe for teens and adolescents.

hyperpigmentation laser treatments

3. Sun Spots/Age Spots (hyper-pigmentation)

Our laser treatments for liver spots and sun damage are extremely effective in returning the skin to it's original color. Sun spots, age spots, liver spots, and other darkening of the skin is generally caused by an increase in melanin. Sunlight is the leading cause of this condition. Sun damage surfaces to visible brown spots or patches. These patches can be successfully treated with laser therapy.

The Spectra laser breaks down the pigment in tiny particles which your body naturally disposes of.  The result is even skin tone. Lightening of facial hair is also accomplished.

A skin care regimen utilizing sun protection is recommended to maintain results (being the source of much of this damage).

melasma laser treatments

4. Melasma Laser Treatments

Melasma generally occurs when estrogen and/or progesterone stimulate pigmentation hormones, causing dark brown or grey, irregular sized patches on the face. This can also occur during pregnancy, called chloasma or the mask of pregnancy.

Genetic predisposition or dysfunction of the thyroid, may make one more susceptible to this condition. Anyone with melasma should exercise particular caution outside. Sun exposure can worsen the condition.

The Spectra laser is FDA approved to effectively treat melasma in people of all skin types. By targeting and removing excess pigment these patches are minimized, and in many cases, cleared completely.

laser pore reduction

5. Large Pores & Dull Skin Facials

Pores are tiny hair follicles on our skin. Oil and dirt clog your pores which stretch the pore making it appear large. Large pores make your skin look uneven and dull.

The Spectra Laser takes skin rejuvenation to a higher level by adding Carbon lotion prior to the treatment which focuses the laser energy on pores and hair follicles along with exfoliation. Via its photoacoustic effect, consistent pore size reduction is accomplished with multiple treatments. Results are noticeable immediately.

There will be incremental scar revisional benefit as well via collagen remodeling.

tough skin

6. Treating Tough, Bumpy Skin

Some areas of the body can be more difficult to exfoliate. If you suffer from tough elbows, or bumps on the backs of the arm or legs, these issues develop slowly over the years.

The Spectra Laser takes skin rejuvenation to a higher level by adding Carbon lotion prior to the treatment which focuses the laser energy on pores and hair follicles along with exfoliation. Ideal exfoliation is accomplished after just a few treatments. Results are noticeable immediately.

Darkness or red spots in these areas will also noticeably improve.

neck tightening

7. Wrinkles and Skin Tightening

Our skin loses elasticity and collagen over time. This causes sagging skin and wrinkles.

Our unique Plasma Pen treatments can significantly reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles and excess skin in 1-2 treatments. Learn more here

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Laser skin treatments are a great alternative to chemical peels and microneedling. Our non invasive laser penetrates the dermis without causing irritation or redness. Excellent for reducing acne and oil. Safely remove age spots and sun spots to even out your complexion. Serving Williamsport, Jersey Shore, Lock Haven, Bellefonte, Lewisburg, Selingsgrove, Montoursville, Hughesville, Muncy, Danville, Bloomsburg, Harrisburg and State College PA.