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Tattoo Filler Bombshells

Tattoo Filler

Tattoo Artists Add Fillers

All tattoos are custom in some way, shape, or form. After all, our personal masterpiece is going to be on display and become a part of who we are. With enough planning, you can find an artist who has the style, skill, and location that fits your needs. Reviewing your portfolio is a huge part of the selection process. This gives you a clear idea of what kind of work they like to do. If your tattoo idea is completely different from what you are seeing in their pictures, think twice about selecting that artist for the work. People are usually better at doing the work they enjoy.

As your appointment draws near, images are often sketched out ahead of time so you have a chance to make changes before it becomes permanent. Be honest with them and ask for adjustments if you want them. After all, it is your body. There is one more thing you’ll want to keep in mind. When your artist shows you the amazing art they have drawn, it rarely includes filler material. Artists add this at the end to make your tattoo look more complete. This could include shading, smoke, flames, clouds, trees, the possibilities are endless. Typically, tattoo filler is the design work added to the outside of the original tattoo. It creates a background for your tattoo to appear against. This helps eliminate the illusion that your tattoo is simply pasted onto your skin, floating in nothingness.

Often these finishing touches are exactly what your tattoo needs to look like a finished piece. Many people are blown away by their artist’s abilities and eye for detail.

Unexpected Changes to a Tattoo

There are times, however, when the surprise of added embellishments is not a happy one. The scale of the tattoo has grown beyond what was acceptable. It may interfere with plans you had for other pieces in the same area. After all, trying to figure out how that smoke is going to incorporate with the mermaid tattoo you want is no small feat!

First, lets talk about how to prevent this. To receive a tattoo you love, spend an extra few minutes discussing your wishes with your tattoo artist. Be clear about what you do and DON’T want to see in the finished piece. The don’ts can be just as important as the do’s. This ranges from the thickness of outlines, to colors used, the amount of shading and realism desired, and filler material. Keep in mind, you can request that your artist shows you examples any tattoo filler they intend to use. Many people accept this as part of the process and never mention their preference. Others, specifically request that no filler be used whatsoever so they can plan for any and all ink going on their body.

Are you happy with MOST of your tattoo?

At Vanish Inc, our certified laser professionals are well trained and experienced. We often remove specific areas of a tattoo, and leave the rest perfectly intact. Our Q-Switch laser will not effect any ink it is not directed at. By removing only the parts you are not 100% satisfied with, you have a whole new opportunity to make this permanent mark perfect. Vanish Inc’s laser tattoo removal treatments are effective, and affordable. We perform them for clients just like you, everyday. Based in Williamsport, PA, we serve clients from Bloomsburg, State College, Lock Haven, Selingsgrove, Hazelton and Corning.

We use the latest technology to minimize pain during treatments including a Cryo 6 Zimmer. It’s ability to numb the skin during tattoo removal sessions is far superior to ice packs and ice rollers. Keep in mind, tattoo removal is fast. It lasts only seconds compared to the hours you spent in that tattoo chair! If you are interested in having your tattoo lightened, removed, or partially removed, feel free to call our office at (570) 562-6797.


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