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Tattoo Ink – Consistently Inconsistent

tattoo ink

Consistently inconsistent……. What the??? So, the FDA does regulate cosmetic ink and color additives, and tattoo inks fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA as well. This is great right…… but what’s interesting is that the FDA has never approved a tattoo pigment for injection. The contents of tattoo inks are closely guarded trade secrets, and there may be no set standards for ink manufacturers. So even the labeling of some inks can be a variable because of the vague description. Tattoo artists may even mix various colors from different manufactures to get a custom color. With all these variables, you never know exactly what is being injected into your skin during your tattoo procedure. The tattooing procedure itself, on the other hand, is highly regulated by each state, with strict hygiene-related requirements for tattoo parlors. The FDA website mentions that many of the pigments that are used in tattoo inks are some heavy-duty items, listed as “industrial-grade” colors that one might find in printer ink or even car paint.

So what does this mean for Laser Tattoo Removal? After the ink is injected into your skin your white blood cells rages war on these foreign substances and then places a capsule around the ink. When the ink is broken free from the “capsule” (from a laser) , your body can now see it and may react again. If you decide to have Laser Tattoo Removal, one of the questions we may ask is if you had any reactions when you had the ink placed. The reason for this is that if your skin reacted with signs of inflammation (redness, weeping and swelling) when the tattoo was placed, the same thing may happen when the ink is broken up during laser tattoo treatment. The most common allergic reaction is seen with red ink.

Also, a color that looks black may be mixed with other colors. After a few treatments, your technician may choose to switch wavelengths. This will more specifically address each color, breaking apart each of it’s components. As I mentioned earlier, tattoo inks are heavily guarded trade secrets, so breaking them up can be difficult depending on how “large” the compound really is.

Restassured, the experienced technicians at Vanish, Inc. understand all of these nuances. We have many techniques available to address stubborn tattoo ink and make sure you know what to expect each step of the way.

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