Tattoo Removal Aftercare Tips

While laser tattoo removal treatments cause significantly less trauma to the skin than getting a tattoo,

it still needs to recuperate.

Take a Break

Rest and relaxation are on the top of the list of laser tattoo removal aftercare best practices. Just as your body needs time to re-build muscle fiber after hitting a hard workout at the gym, it also needs time to recuperate and rebuild healthy skin.

While laser tattoo removal treatments cause significantly less trauma to the skin than getting a tattoo, it still needs to recuperate. Just avoid any strenuous physical activities like working out or sports for the next 24 hours. Depending on the size of your tattoo, you may want to consider taking a break for longer.

Keep it Covered

We will place a breathable covering over your treated tattoo before you leave our office. We suggest keeping it covered for the next 24 hours to protect it from scrapes, bumps, and dirt in general. If you develop any blisters, it is a good idea to continue to keep it covered until they resolve. (Never pop a blister!) This can take a few more days. Blisters may weep, so this will also protect your clothing. After that, there is no need to keep your treated tattoo bandaged.  Do not replace our bandage with one that does not breath, like film dressings.

Aftercare Balm

Vanish Tattoo Removal, Inc. provides all of our clients with a tin of aftercare balm. This aids in keeping the treated area protected, while reducing itching and dryness. Once 24 hours has elapsed, begin using this balm 3 times a day (or more if you like). Only a small amount is needed to cover even a large tattoo. Most people use the balm for about 2 weeks following their treatment.

It’s a Process

Truth. Laser tattoo removal is a process. Let’s face it, tattoos are much more difficult to remove than they are to put on. After all, they were meant to be there forever. The good news is they can be removed. Most people need 8-12 treatments to fully remove a tattoo.

Whether you’re moving forward in your career, want to erase a bad memory, or your style has changed, laser tattoo removal is the gold standard for treatment. Meet with our professional tattoo removal staff and we’ll walk you through the process and let you know how many treatments to expect.

Speeding Up Tattoo Removal

If you were hoping for a magic pill, sorry to disappoint. Here are some proven, practical ways to speed up your tattoo removal process and get the most out of each treatment.

DO: Stay Hydrated

Drink as much water as possible. It will help your lymphatic system flush the ink and potentially remove your tattoo at a faster rate.

DON'T: Smoke

Smoking slows down the lymphatic system, so try to cut back on the cigarettes. You’ll save money on treatments AND cigarettes!

DO: Exercise

The other proven method to increase blood flow and speed up lymphatic drainage. You don’t have to hit the gym to do this. A 20 minute walk (not stroll) will help your circulation.

DON'T: Treat Too Soon

Remember, the laser just breaks up the ink. Your body is what removes the tattoo. There is no need to retreat ink that has already been broken. We have our clients wait 8 weeks or longer between sessions.

DO: Stay Healthy

Sometimes catching the occasional cold can’t be helped, but taking  vitamin C and eating a healthy diet can really give your immune system a boost. 

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