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Tattoo Removal Cost – Why Size Matters

There are so many options out there for obtaining laser tattoo removal cost. Let’s talk a little more about why our treatment pricing is based on size. We know that some laser tattoo professionals offer services for a flat rate, while others leave you in the dark about how much laser tattoo removal costs. Let’s not do either…

First, it’s important to know that lasers (the good ones) don’t come cheap. The best tattoo removal lasers are specialized, and treat multicolored tattoos without leaving ink behind. Plastic surgeons and tattoo shops advertising tattoo removal rarely invest in specialized machines such as this. Having a tattoo removed takes multiple treatments, gently breaking down tattoo ink, until it’s gone. The best device can accomplish this without any residual scarring and minimal pain.

Cover Up Tattoos

Fading tattoos for a cover up tattoo can happen in a few treatments, however it depends on the person’s metabolism, where the tattoo is located, and the design of the work itself. Shaded areas will fade first, while black outlining tattoo removal takes more sessions for that densely placed ink. Anything closer to the heart has better circulation. This makes it easier for the body to clear the broken ink. Removing ankle tattoos can take longer, but elevating your foot post treatment helps a lot!

Tattoo Removal Cost and Pricing

Vanish Inc has always published our tattoo removal cost online. Starting at $69 we capped our prices at $250 and treat as much ink as you like. During your free consultation, we measure your tattoo and offer you some different options. Prior to scheduling your appointment, check our laser tattoo removal page.  It has a great pricing chart at the bottom. This gives you a very good idea of what to expect to pay for tattoo removal before scheduling an appointment.


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