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Tattoo Removal – Top 5 Reasons People Are Zapping the Ink

1.     Location, Location, Location

What seemed daring and sexy a few years ago, may become an obstacle when trying to gain career momentum. Though tattoos have widely become more socially acceptable, visible tattoos can still be viewed as a negative when interviewing for certain positions. As quoted by one HR professional, “We don’t mind them internally, but we worry about how our customers perceive us. Our employees are a reflection of our company”. Some people even remove tattoos they like.

2.     Buyer’s Remorse

Choosing the wrong image, or even the wrong artist, can lead to strong feelings of regret. If the placement, detail, or general look of the tattoo isn’t what was hoped for, it can be quite a burden. Many people say they instantly knew they weren’t happy with their tattoo and, sadly, their opinion didn’t improve over time. Remember, Vanish can perform tattoo removal 8 weeks after the tattoo is put on.

3.     Tastes Change

Many people with ink still love their tats. It tells their story and represents something, or someone, important to them. There are others though who no longer feel like their tattoo complements who they are today. Sure, some may have an ex’s name – but we’re also talking about style. Not everyone has been so lucky to have a timeless tattoo. If you fit into this category, tattoo removal is a great option.

4.      Alternations – Made Easy?

Tattoo artists have now discovered the wonders of lasers, and now often send clients for fading prior to doing cover-ups and alterations. Cover-up work is exceedingly difficult due to the challenge of overlapping new art with the old. The obvious limitations make it tough to provide an ideal outcome every time. By fading the darkest areas, and eliminating others, a whole world of possibilities opens up.

5.     Out With the Old

If tattoos are not forever, why not update your look? This is the mindset of many folks who love getting inked, and plan to keep it that way. They are transforming full sleeves into new masterpieces, exchanging that panther for a dragon, and swopping grey-work for full color. Even tattoo artists, are opting to switch out some of their art for a fresh look.


No matter your reason, Vanish Inc is happy to assist you with your laser tattoo removal treatments. Our certified and professional staff will explain the process thoroughly making this simple and as quick as possible. Schedule your free consultation today!


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