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What Does Laser Tattoo Removal Really Feel Like?

laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is……. well its uncomfortable. Its like a hot snap on the skin when you have a sunburn. It hurts. But also…BEARABLE.

One advantage of laser tattoo removal is that it only takes seconds for the treatment itself. If we are removing a larger tattoo, we do it in small sections. Between each section, we spray some lidocaine on the area, then continue blowing -20° air. This feels like a tall glass of water on a hot summer day. Just enough to take the edge off and make you feel at ease.

Every inch of the procedure is explained before and during the treatment. No one ever gets blind sided about what’s coming next.
Both myself, and my business partner Kelly, are having tattoos removed as well. Why? We wouldn’t put our clients through anything we haven’t experienced ourselves. Here at Vanish, Inc. we have a very transparent attitude with laser tattoo removal. If it’s going to hurt, we will tell you!!!

It’s a Process

Tattoo removal is a multi-sitting deal. It’s not magic, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Lasering takes many sessions to remove even a small amount of ink. We’re currently working on my lower back tattoo, which is solid black Chinese lettering. I thought I didn’t see any lightening after my first treatment, but after we put my pictures side-by-side I certainly saw how my (once dark) “tramp Stamp” was now a lighter gray color.

After the Treatment

After the procedure, each client gets a tin of aquaphor ointment which has some lovely essential oils added to it. We have added tea tree which is anti-microbial and helps keep the treated area clean of any germs. We also add Lavender to help soothe the area and aid in healing. Even though, after the procedure, most of that annoying sunburn feeling quickly dissipates, we still want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible . Sometimes, we will also apply an ice pack. In addition to providing some relief, it can also help prevent blistering.

So, what does laser tattoo removal feel like? It’s uncomfortable…and thankfully, so fast we can all handle it. Once the ink is broken apart, your body goes to work removing it, bit by bit. Every session is totally worth it!

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