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What is Glycation and Do You Have It??

Do You Need to Repair It or Prevent It?  Will We Mention the “D” Word?

glycation plasma pen

So your getting older. You notice your skin is losing elasticity, sagging more in places it never did, and lines are becoming more obvious. Face creams just aren’t cutting it anymore and you know you have to do SOMETHING about it. Clinics and spas will tell you they can fix any skin issue and smooth it out, so you look years younger. But what if your issue goes beyond your skin and these costly skin treatments you are paying for aren’t working like they said they would???

It could be what’s called glycation. Glycation is when sugar binds with your skin proteins and elastin – causing you to age FASTER!!! But calm down. This CAN be reversed and/or prevented.  They only way to help this unnatural binding is with ……..Diet. (by the way this is the “D” word I was referring to) Yes, taking sugars and simple carbohydrates out of your diet can help with some of your aging skin. (why does it always come down to diet…..why???) 

Glycation looks like the picture above. It will appear as a pillowing effect under the skin. Never moving and never bouncing back. This could actually be causing some of your wrinkles which, in fact, aren’t even wrinkles. And no matter how much you spend on your facials or skin treatments, only diet will make this go away. There are creams out there that claim to help separate the sugar from protein, however, there is no guarantee it will work for you. It’s much more cost effective (and healthy) to make changes to your diet.

I have done some research myself and found out that Blueberry Extract, of all things, is the best antioxidant to include in your diet, helping to reverse this effect. Blueberries break the self-perpetuating cycle of this binding and oxidative stress that underlies internal skin aging. Plus they taste good.

What If I Have Real Wrinkles?

Of course not everyone suffers from this. Most of us actually have real wrinkles that form over the years to annoy the hell out of us. Yes, these real wrinkles start as fine lines. Over time, they deepen to the point where the most expensive, snail, gold, Korean, hyaluronic, vitamin creams on the market can’t touch them. (If you are still in the fine line phase, get proactive with your skin!)

Vanish has introduced a new treatment to the Williamsport area that smooths out wrinkles and regenerates fibroblasts, boosting elastin with collagen production. Plasma Pen Skin Treatments use sublimation to grab loose skin and pull it together. Plasma (the 4th state of matter) is quite amazing and can be carefully directed to precise, targeted areas. Tiny little carbon crusts are created and we let them fall away when they are ready (5-8 days). No needles, no anesthesia, no cutting!

This treatment is so precise, almost every part of the body that has loose or crepey skin can benefit from this treatment. From a hooded eyelid, to crepey knees, to mommy stretch marks, to loose jowls, this treatment has very little downtime. Non-surgical lifts give us the best of both worlds. Noticeable results minus the risk and expense of surgery. Using a dry healing process, your only job is spraying it two times a day with our after-care tonic. If you are anywhere near as skeptical as we are, try visiting our plasma pen page and check out the before and afters!

So what are you waiting for? Is it glycation or are they real wrinkles? Schedule a free consultation with our esthetician and find out.

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