Women’s Hair Restoration in Williamsport, PA

Losing hair is difficult for women. Women’s hair is a thing of beauty, style, femininity and strength. To lose one’s hair can be extremely depressing and a cause of anxiety and a loss in self-confidence.

Hair Loss in women

Women lose their hair for many reasons. It generally happens as part of the female ageing process, with a receding hairline, or with thinning hair and, though hopefully not, even a few bald patches. Losing hair is difficult for women. Women’s hair is a thing of beauty, style, femininity and strength. To lose one’s hair can be extremely depressing and a cause of anxiety and a loss in self-confidence.

Keep in mind, age is not the only reason women start to lose their hair. There are a number of other reasons, which can include:

  • Genetics
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Side effects from medication
  • Hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Female pattern baldness


If your hair is thinning during your pregnancy, do not panic! Check with your obstetrician but note that hormonal changes do often result in thinning hair, or even extra curly hair. You might need some vitamins but if you are losing your hair during pregnancy, check with your doctor. It is likely your beautiful hair will return as soon as you have your baby!

If you are losing hair, or have thinning hair, due to any of the other above reasons, help is available. There is no reason for women to have to live with their hair loss! There are hair restoration options and your doctor, dermatologist, salon or hair stylist can talk to you about some of the treatments available to you.

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Options For Women With Thinning Hair Or Receding Hairlines:

  • Specialty hair loss shampoos
  • Microneedling (PRP)
  • Hair implants
  • KeraLase laser hair restoration treatments

There are several specialty hair loss shampoos on the market. Expensive hair loss shampoos may or may not work. Some of them give the illusion of thicker or fuller hair, but it is generally not a long-lasting effect. Of course, you may find a shampoo that does work for you, so don’t discount these. Women with thinning hair may want to use a shampoo that volumes the hair.

Micro needling can work although it is painful and there is speculation as to its effectiveness. You should do your own research on this prior to starting  PRP microneedling treatments for the scalp. Often your plasma is lacking the growth factors it needs to stimulate growth – which is why your hair is thinning in the first place. Between this, and the damage microneedling can do to existing hair, this kind of treatment is not on our recommended list.

Hair implants for women can also be performed. The expense, pain, and downtime are enough to prevent many men and women from undergoing hair implant surgery. Though hair implants are still an option, this is more recently being replaced with non-invasive hair restorative treatments. These new treatments are offered for men and women, and are not surgical, while still having excellent results. For example, KeraLase is a fairly new and extremely effective alternative to stimulate hair growth. Combining laser and serum treatments for the scalp is excellent for female pattern baldness, sudden hair loss, menopausal hair loss, or in most cases, with general hair loss and hair thinning in women.

How Do KeraLase Laser Hair Treatments Work?

Keralase hair restoration treatments are administered by certified laser technicians who have undergone extensive training specific to this treatment. First, your hair is assessed and a treatment plan is customized for you. The typical plan consists of six treatments administered over 4-6 months. Each treatment is short – perhaps fifteen minutes – and is not painful. As a woman with hair loss, you can go for your appointment and be done in fifteen minutes. With no side-effects, you can resume your normal activities right away. We do ask that you avoid sweating and washing your hair for a minimum of 24 hours. Results gradually appear as the growing hair comes in, though by the end of your treatments, your hair will be stronger, thicker, and fuller.

The treatment is two-fold:

1. LaseMD laser is administered, preparing the scalp.  This optimizes the scalp and hair follicle’s ability to take in proteins.

2. A serum is administered, giving you 6 growth factors and liposomes particles – the things that make your hair grow!

Where Can You Get A KeraLase Hair Treatment?

It depends on where you live. Vanish Inc, offer Keralase, hair restoration treatments for men and women in Williamsport, PA. So, if you live in State College PA, Bloomsburg, or even Corning NY this would be a great option. These technicians are highly trained in laser hair restoration with positive five-star reviews. Ultimately, it is important you feel comfortable with the aesthetic practice you choose. 

When Should You Think About A Hair Loss Treatment?

Hair does a number of things for a woman. It frames her face, is a part of her personality, gives her style, and more than anything, provides confidence! Having good hair is just as important as having good skin. Your hair can define you. As a woman losing hair, your self confidence may be taking a bit of a battering. Therefore, if you notice your hair is thinning, schedule your hair laser treatment as soon as possible to grow back those hairs, on average with a 65% increase.

If you notice your hair is thinning, or developing bald patches, again, then it’s time to start your hair laser treatment. The treatment works to increase thickness of each hair, on average, by 75%. Results are long lasting, with touch-up sessions approximately once a year or less. KeraLase has an outstanding reputation, and Vanish Inc is a certified provider. Contact Vanish Inc here to schedule a free consultation.

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It is our belief that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look. Vanish, Inc. offers affordable, safe, and effective treatments for people of all ages and backgrounds using industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies. The past is not your future. Meet the professionals at Vanish, Inc. in Williamsport Pa. Serving clients in Central Pennsylvania and Corning, New York.

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