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Specially designed laser technology targets the pigment – smashing it into tiny little pieces. It’s fast. Now, your white blood cells rush in to carry the ink away.

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Why People Are Removing Tattoos

There are many different reasons why people choose to remove their tattoos. New relationships, a new career, or instant regret are just a few. Whatever your reason is Vanish Inc. is here to get you through the process.

Vanish Tattoo Removal’s laser tattoo removal technicians have over 13 years combined experience and are extremely knowledgeable. With two lasers and three wavelengths, we can effectively remove any color of tattoo ink.

We are here to provide a new option. You no longer have to cover your old tattoo with a larger darker one. Make that tattoo vanish instead!

New Career

Many organizations still frown upon visible tattoos. Not saying we agree, it’s just the way it is.

New Relationships

Some tattoos are painful reminders of things best left in the past.

Lifestyle Changes

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Poor Quality

Everyone has off days, including tattoo artists. Unfortunately, there are long term consequences.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Can You Fully Remove a Tattoo?

In most cases, yes. We have a number of techniques we utilize to make sure there is absolutely nothing left of your tattoo.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

We estimate this at the time of your free consultation, however, most tattoos require 10-15 treatments.

Are There Any Risks?

Our skilled technicians tailor each treatment for the client’s skin type, tattoo, and sensitivity. In the rare case of lightening of the skin, this reverses once exposed to the sun.

What About Tattoo Removal Creams?

These chemical creams are known for causing significant scarring that, in many cases, is irreversible. Vanish strongly advises you to avoid this method as does the FDA.

Why 10 Weeks Between Treatments?

First, the laser does not remove the ink. It breaks ink into small particles, and your body disposes of it. Secondly, your skin needs time to recover.

Is Tattoo Removal Painful?

While tattoo removal certainly isn’t pain free, we make the process as comfortable as possible using advanced technology. In short, the combination of a fast treatment with our numbing technology makes the process easier for our clients.

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How Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo artists inject ink into the dermis layer of your skin. Those ink particles are like boulders to your body’s natural defenses and most of it stays there forever until lasered.

Specially designed laser technology targets the pigment – smashing it into tiny little pieces. It’s fast. Now, your body gets to work, carrying the ink away. This process takes months and can be supported by staying hydrated and active.

White ink can be most troublesome and is often used to create highlights. It’s main ingredient, titanium dioxide, will typically turn grey early on in the treatment process and cannot always be cleared by the body. This ink is avoided whenever possible.

What To Expect

Do laser treatments make you nervous? Rest assured, our trained laser technicians will walk you through the process every step of the way. After all, we’ve had tattoos removed ourselves. Here is what you need to know about the tattoo removal process…

When you first arrive for your tattoo removal consultation, we will have you complete a medical history form. This helps us rule out any contraindications, for a safe and effective treatment experience.

Be prepared for your tattoo to turn white. This is a temporary effect of the laser. The real fading of the tattoo happens gradually in the months following treatment.

How You’ll Spend Your Time

  • Initial Paperwork 25% 25%
  • Consultation 50% 50%
  • Treatment 10% 10%
  • Discuss Aftercare 15% 15%

Ready To Get Started?

Permanent Make-up Removal

Eyebrow Tattoos and Microblading

If you are unhappy with your eyebrow microblading, whether it is the shape, color, or placement, we can help remove the unwanted ink. This type of ink is typically placed much more superficially than regular tattoos. Because of this, we can remove microblading ink in fewer treatments than the typical tattoo.

Vanish has two lasers specially designed for tattoo removal. They effectively break up the tattoo ink with little to no disruption to your skin. The treatment process is very fast, only taking few seconds per brow. The brow ink will fade quickly, and the process can be repeated in 5-8 weeks if further lightening is required.

Some brow tattooing is performed with a tattoo gun. This is typically used for creating powder or ombre brows. This type of brow pigment is common and can also be removed quickly with laser tattoo removal in just a few treatments.


We suggest avoiding things like saline treatments or creams for eyebrow tattoo removal. These techniques can cause scarring and tend to be significantly less effective than laser treatments. Instead, let your brows heal, and we can perform laser treatments 6 weeks after your microbladed eyebrows were applied.

Most eyebrow tattoo removal ranges from $110 to$135 per treatment. Keep in mind, we can treat very specific parts of your brows – like the arch or tail, or the entire thing. There is no damage to your skin or existing eyebrow hair. Safe for all skin types, laser tattoo removal is the ideal choice for microblading removal.

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Tattoo removal treatments are quick. We use a medical chiller to numb your skin during the laser treatment to reduce pain. The actual treatment usually takes a few seconds (depending upon the size of your tattoo.)

During your treatment, you will notice your tattoo turning white. This effect is called frosting. This is temporary. The real fading happens gradually over the following weeks and months.

Arriving For Your Appointment

Try to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time to park. Our parking lot uses a kiosk, which accepts cash or credit cards.

Typically, your first appoint will take the longest due to paperwork and learning more about the process. Allow yourself about 45 minutes for this.  After your initial consultation, your appointments will be fairly quick, with most people in and out within 20 minutes.


Prices starting as low as $84

We are the most experienced laser tattoo removal provider in central Pennsylvania. We also have the best technology. Let’s talk about how we keep our tattoo removal cost low.

For six years, Vanish Tattoo Removal Inc. has consistently posted our pricing online. There are no surprises, no hidden fees, and no gimmicks. By specializing in tattoo removal, and cutting the fluff, we provide excellent services to central Pennsylvania, at an excellent price. Want to learn more? We invite you to call us at 570-562-6797, or schedule a free consultation.

Med spas and plastic surgeons often have extravagant facilities to appeal to the wealthy, or give the impression that their service is superior. In reality, it takes the right technology, the right training, and the right experience to provide the best service. Vanish Tattoo Removal has all of that and more! Learn more about us here.

Vanish, Inc. provides laser tattoo removal, facials, laser facials, lip fillers, laser hair removal, hair restoration, laser resurfacing, wrinkle injections, and plasma fibroblast treatments to Williamsport, PA and surrounding areas including; Lewisburg, State College, Bloomsburg, Corning, Lock Haven, Mansfield,  Danville, Selinsgrove, Elmira, Hazelton, and Bellefonte.

Our safe, customized, effective treatments use industry approved, state-of-the-art technologies. Meet the laser and skincare professionals at Vanish, Inc. in Williamsport Pa. Serving clients in Central Pennsylvania since 2017

Meredith Anderson

Certified Laser Technician (CLT),

Licensed Aesthetician,

Plasma Pen Technician, Certified,

Certified Hyaluron Pen Technician

Meredith Anderson

Certified Laser Technician (CLT),

Licensed Aesthetician,

Certified Plasma Pen Technician,

Certified Hyaluron Pen Technician

Kelly Uhland

Certified Laser Technician (CLT),

Certified Plasma Pen Technician,

Certified Hyaluron Pen Technician,

Laser Safety Officer


Kelly Uhland

Certified Laser Technician (CLT),

Certified Plasma Pen Technician,

Certified Hyaluron Pen Technician,

Laser Safety Officer


Jessica Liuzza

Registered Nurse,

Certified Nurse Injector,

Medical Aesthetics

Jessica Liuzza

Registered Nurse,

Certified Nurse Injector

Marina esthetician

Marina Diggs

Licensed Aesthetician,

Advanced Skincare 

Marina esthetician

Marina Diggs

Licensed Aesthetician